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Reserve your spot starting April 1st. Class forms and fees must be received no later than 7 days before the class starts. All fees are refundable before that deadline. If space is available after the deadline, you may register late with permission of the clinic organizer for an extra $10 fee. We will do everything we can to accommodate late arrivals, but the earlier you register, the easier it is on us and the more likely it will be for you to participate.

To register:

  1. If you're not already a LCCC member, you must join by registering online at LCCC PaddleBase. (LCCC membership is required for all classes.) We are now including a complimentary LCCC membership (w/ e-newsletter subscription) extending from June through the end of December. Follow all the online instructions, making special note of the following:
    • DO check the box labeled "I'm joining to take the LCCC Clinics," in the section below your contact info.
    • DO print out and sign the LCCC's "Warnings and Liability Limits" waiver.
    • DO NOT mail waiver or $15 dues to the LCCC registrar listed at the bottom of the waiver. Instead include the LCCC waiver with your class registration materials as detailed below. If you're not an LCCC member, you will receive a complimentary membership for 2013 with your paid class registration.
  2. Fill out the Registration Form for LCCC Classes (PDF).
  3. Fill out the appropriate ACA Membership Form and Waiver(s): adult (PDF), minor (PDF). Be sure to check at the top whether you are currently an ACA member or if you just want the ACA Event Membership for $5 per class.
  4. Write a check out to LCCC based on the total listed on the bottom of your class Registration Form.
  5. Mail the check, completed forms, signed ACA waivers, and signed LCCC waiver to:

  6. LCCC Canoe Classes
    c/o Denny Egner
    1925 SE 56th Ave.
    Portland, OR 97215

    Email: whitewater at
    Phone: 503-453-5251

You are not registered until we receive your check and all required forms. Approximately a week before the course we will contact you and provide additional logistical information.