2010 Roaring River Canoe Slalom
August 28 & 29

Volunteers Needed – See Below

Learn to slalom and improve your skills on a Class II stretch of the beautiful Clackamas River in Oregon. This event is all about improving boat control, developing strategies to make the moves between the gates, and having fun.

August 28: Practice Day Come, put in your boat and try the course. Canoes, kayaks, IKs, etc., are all welcome. The course will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Donations encouraged to help with boat shuttle and other costs.)

August 29: Race Day Entry fee is $10, plus $5 insurance fee for non-ACA members. There will be race categories for canoes and kayaks. Emphasis is on achieving your personal best.

How to Get There
To reach the course, drive southeast from Estacada on HWY 224 along the Clackamas River. Pass the North Fork Reservoir and continue driving upstream. Cross both Carter and Armstrong bridges. Go just pass milepost 41. The slalom start and registration are on the right side of the road (mile 41.8) across from the entrance to Roaring River Campground. Boat shuttles and portapotties will be provided, but bring you own lunch and drinks (no alcoholic beverages please). Camping is available at various Forest Service campgrounds along the river. (Click here for info — scroll down to Clackamas River Ranger District.) Reservations encouraged.

Be a Local Hero. Be a Volunteer!
This is an event that takes many hands. The course will be set up on Friday, August 27, prior to the event and needs volunteers for setup day. We’ll also need volunteers for a variety of other tasks, particularly on race day. To volunteer or find out more, contact Carl Poston at 503-657-5523 or by email: cposton1 (at) comcast.net

Volunteers will be given plenty of time to participate as well. What’s more, they’ll be celebrated as part of the crew!

LCCC members are especially encouraged to come and try slalom. Your club is helping to sponsor this event!