Lower Columbia Canoe Club Skill Builders

  • Learn from the region’s most experienced canoeists
  • Improve strokes and other paddling skills
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    Note: There will be a $5 charge for non-ACA members to cover general liability insurance costs.

General Information for All Skill Builders

2017 LCCC Skill Builders

Note: At least 6 club members must sign up for a class or a class may be canceled. Dates subject to change.
  • Tandem Moving Water Canoe Skill Builder—June 11, Coordinator: Mark Scantlebury
    One-day on-the-water course for brushing up on paddling strokes, performing ferries in current, and practicing eddy entries and peelouts. Participants must have a tandem canoe and a tandem partner. Participants should have at least some basic canoe experience (i.e., this is not a class for absolute beginners).

  • Outfitting for and Paddling a Canoe on Multi-day Trips—July 15, Coordinator: Mark Scantlebury
    This class will be taught by LCCC member Denis Green, a longtime canoeist who has done trips in the Boundary Waters and on rivers like the Nahanni. In this all-day session, learn the best ways to prepare a canoe for multi-day river and lake trips and how to paddle a loaded canoe. Off the water, we will discuss where and how to attach tie-ins, as well as how to waterproof packs and other items. Both moving water and whitewater setups will be discussed. On the water, we will focus on the ways maneuvering and route selection are different for loaded canoes, particularly when in remote places where help is miles away. You’ll learn how to pick conservative lines and maneuver down rivers with back paddling and ferrying to keep the canoe and your gear safe and dry. We’ll also discuss portaging and practice lining. Participants must have a canoe and, if paddling a tandem canoe, a tandem partner.

  • Solo Whitewater Canoe Intermediate Skill Builder—August 12, Coordinator: Mark Scantlebury
    This one-day coaching session will be taught by Cliff Debride, an accomplished Portland OC1 and C1 paddler. The session will cover skills the participants want to improve, such as stroke efficiency, ferries, eddy moves, boofing, bracing, river reading, and surfing. Participants must have a solo whitewater canoe and be comfortable in up to Class III paddling. Limited to six to eight participants.

  • Introduction to Solo Whitewater Canoeing—TBD. Coordinator: Mark Scantlebury
    If there is enough demand for this two-day course, we’ll arrange for a class either in July or September. The class would be one day on flatwater practicing strokes and maneuvers, and a second day practicing these strokes and maneuvers on easy Class II whitewater. If you’re interested, email Mark Scantlebury. Participants much know how to swim and have experience paddling canoes on flat or moving water. Loaner boats are usually available.

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