Boofstart Intro to Whitewater Canoeing
for Kayakers


Experienced and comfortable kayaking (and occasionally swimming) class III-IV whitewater.

What You Learn

This is a class for people who, through their experience in whitewater kayaking, already know how to read whitewater, catch eddies, ferry, and do other whitewater maneuvers. This year we are fortunate to have local expert Paul Kuthe leading this special one-day class. The morning will be spent getting oriented in the canoe and learning basic canoe strokes that you’ll be able to relate to from kayaking. In the afternoon you'll use these strokes to master rapids, catch eddies, ferry and surf on Class II to III water. If you flip, think about trying a roll. Some kayakers have succeeded on their first attempt!


  • Students are expected to have all the essentials. This includes canoe, personal floatation device (PFD), paddle, helmet and appropriate clothing. See the Student Information Sheet for more details, including places to rent canoes.
  • The LCCC may have some canoes available for loan during classes through generous members. Please inquire during sign up.

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