Advanced Solo and Tandem
Whitewater Canoe


Intermediate whitewater canoe class or equivalent experience as determined by instructor.

What You Learn

This is a new course which was developed for paddlers with years of whitewater experience who want to learn newer more advanced techniques that would allow them to easily paddle class 3-4 water. The instructors and students will demonstrate and practice a series of alternate approaches to turning, eddying, and maneuvering through complex rapids to show the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. This course will also encourage the students to share their ideas and experiences so the group can incorporate and test those approaches in a variety of situations. Tandem teams will focus on coordinated turning techniques that involve both paddlers participating in the maneuver. Focus will be on paddling techniques that maximize the use of currents, holes and eddies while leveraging the hull parameters of their specific canoe. Examples of the type or combination of strokes needed in various turning situations as well as when to use normal or reverse leans will be presented. This is also an excellent course for people who have new experienced tandem partners and want to advance their team’s effectiveness.


  • Students are expected to have all the essentials. This includes canoe, personal floatation device (PFD), paddle, and appropriate clothing. See the Student Information Sheet for more details, including places to rent canoes.

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