Advanced Moving Water Canoe


Proficiency in FW-C through Class II moving water.

What You Learn

This is a relatively new course and is designed for those who have years of experience and good boat control on windy lakes and moving water containing various obstacles and want to develop the skills necessary to take their family and friends down a river. This course will not only focus on improving your paddling technique and boat control but will provide you the knowledge to organize safe paddling trips with the skills of the other boaters in mind, rescue people and equipment after a spill, avoid hazardous situations such as strainers or downed trees, read and maneuver through more complex rapids, and recover pinned or damaged equipment. In short this course will provide you information and skills to safely lead your family and friends down a wide variety of beautiful rivers in the Northwest.


  • Students are expected to have all the essentials. This includes canoe, personal floatation device (PFD), paddle, and appropriate clothing. See the Student Information Sheet for more details, including places to rent canoes.
  • The LCCC may have some canoes available for loan during classes through generous members. Please inquire during sign up.

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